Adam at George Washington National Forest

Hi 👋 I’m Adam Powers

Howdy! By day I’m a marketing manager for a clean energy org expanding access to renewable wind and solar power. By night, I'm a climate poet and activist, oding and joining the folks doing our for a better world, and contributing weather forecast poems and content to the Currently weather service for Washington, DC.

📝I substack my poetry for free here, 🐦tweet nonsense and outrage @apowersb here, ⛈️weather poem report for Washington, DC here,⚡supply 100% clean renewable electricity here, & 🌞provide community solar savings here.

“And to imagine other forms of human existence is exactly the challenge that is posed by the climate crisis: for if there is one thing that global warming has made perfectly clear it is that to think about the world only as it is amounts to a formula for collective suicide. We need, rather, to envision what it might be.” ― Amitav Ghosh, The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

I want art facing the ❤️ of our climate crisis

I enjoy art– old, new, indie, pop, poems, novels, reviews, vibes– anything that has anything to do say about facing our climate crisis. But there's absolutely not enough of it, across media and genre. We need a renaissance of imagination to coincide with envisioning and actioning transformation: how we face through changing our climate together. So I’m adding what I can while sharing what I find along the way. 

I once thought I’d only ever 🐝 a patron, never a performer

Where do you draw the line between audience and artist these days? I consumed so many stories that I just wanted to try sharing some myself. As I’m sharing, you’ll find poems pontificating on climate, solar powered love poems, poems written for my renewable energy cleantech org, climate ghost stories, climate parodies of pop songs, weather poetry (like these fairytale-themed forecasts), how it comes together, what inspires, and what keeps me going (like my dog Jackson— here’s a poem about him).

Adam and Jackson hanging out

Let’s 🌱 a beautiful better climate tomorrow, today

My hope is we can have a space that’s a conversation. Not me singing out alone into the world– but all of us, together circle dancing around, conversing in our love languages, and making something beautiful out of it. 

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— and tell yours! We’re all in this *gestures wildly at everything* together :)

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— Adam Powers

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
WTF are Climate ChangeIsms?
Sayings, stories, and systems that see all we can save through the climate crisis. Not just philosophies for the future, but Isms of the heart, movements of art and culture; Climate ChangeIsms is a blog about Climate Change and Art, mostly poetry and prose.